Personal Training

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Va-Va-Voom Personal Training

Director of Va-Va-Voom, Nat Hugill (aka. Lilly Loca) is currently studying to become a Personal Trainer through The Open Polytechnic in New Zealand. Having successfully passed her first paper, she will be working on passing her next two papers over the course of 2021, hoping to be fully qualified and registered by August 2021.

Nat’s aspirations as a Personal Trainer is to offer individualized programmes for online-based clients. She predominantly wishes to work with performing artists to develop their strength and body composition goals in a holistic way. Nat wants to ensure that performers bodies and minds are in the best condition possible for their performance discipline. Although her main focus will be to work with performing artists, she will be open and available to take on anyone who wishes to use her services.

Having been fit for most of her teenage life through dance and soccer, Nat came to love the endurance, focus and strength benefits of yoga and pilates and practiced for over 10 years. In 2018, when she felt as though her strength has plateaued, she switched to resistance/hypertrophy based training and has never looked back.

“The positive changes that hypertrophy focused training has done for not only my abilities as a performing artist, but the overall benefits that it has had to my mental health and lifestyle are something I want everyone to experience. I am stronger, my endurance is better, my mind clearer and I feel so much more positive overall”.

– Nat Hugill